Register globals problem - either use $_POST['numele'] (prefered), or turn register_globals on.

Trasca Ion-Catalin wrote:

Why my mail prcessing script don't recognize the value from the form file.
If I call the $numele variable it's just output a null.
This is the form.html

<form name="form" method=post action="mail.php">

<p align="center">Nume:
<input name="numele" type="text" value="Cum vrei tu">
<div align="center">
<input type="submit" name="Submit" value="Trimite">
And this is mail.php
<html></head><title>Mesajul este trimis</title>
$email = "Nume:\t$numele";
$subject = "Nume";
# mail($to, $subject, $email);
<body><div align="justify">
<? echo ("Ai trimis numele $numele"); ?>

the mail command is commentet for testing purpose, I don't want to receive a
e-mail every time I test the script.

Trasca Ion-Catalin

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