On Friday 25 October 2002 03:52, Shawn McKenzie wrote:
> Some have eluded to this but I haven't seen a working example.  I would
> like to declare globals in my main script and then inside functions that
> need these globals just somehow use the $GLOBALS or something to declare
> the variables global in the function.
> What I've seen eluded to is loading your $GLOBALS array into an array...
> In short, if I add a variable to my globals line in my main script, I don't
> want to have to go and add it to the functions that need it.  Make sense???

A global declaration only has effect INSIDE a function. Having it outside of a 
function does not make sense (rtfm) and would probably be ignored.

Rather than repeating the examples in the manual here, I suggest you read up 
on the section "Variable scope".

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