Thanks for the tips, but they all checked out in the end. After reporting it as a bug, it turns out it *is* a bug with 4.2.3 (whether it's only with Win2000, I'm not sure), but has been fixed in CVS. Now I can rest a little easier... =)


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Just a few ideas...

"derek fong" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:


I am having a major problem getting set_time_limit() to work at all
with PHP 4.2.3 running as a CGI program under IIS for Windows 2000 (I
originally posted this message to php-win, but am hoping someone here
can shed some light on this).  I have a form that accepts large files
for upload, with the following lines at the top of the form action

// let this script take as long as it needs to complete its work
// and ignore if user hits stops button in his browser
Try another number. Who knows? Might work... :)


I've also tried adding:

ini_set('max_execution_time', 60000);
+ Check whether ini_set() was successful.
+ I know you can change "max_execution_time" inside your script but try
changing it in php.ini and restart your server.
+ Perhaps, you can lower the number. (Is that 60,000 seconds?)

- E


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