You know, I didn't even think about serializing the array. I have a table set up for spells, one for schools, and a linking table using the spell id and the school id(s). I could have done without the linking table. Some of you people are pretty freakin' smart. :)

One note though, when you pull the serialized data out, you may have to stripslashes before unserialize...

$school = unserialize ( stripslashes ( $row['school'] ) );

Tom Rogers wrote:

Saturday, October 19, 2002, 2:48:14 PM, you wrote:
SM> Have a question that im trying to figure out how to resolve. I have a field type in mysql that is of the enum type. Unless youre familiar with Dungeons and Dragons, you wont get what the values
SM> mean, but hopefully youll get the gist anyway. I have a column labelled school which holds an enum data type comprised of the values 1 through 40. From the website front end, where the data is
SM> being entered, i want to display, ideally a series of checkboxes, otherwise a list which would allow a user to select multiple items in that will translate into this enum field. For instance, a
SM> series of checkboxes with items such as abjuration, conjuration, divination, and others, which will all have a numeric value which gets plugged into the enum field. for instance, if a user
SM> selected abjuration, and divination, it would be plugged into sql as 1, 3 (or however enum data is input into its column). That being the case how do i utilize php to get this to work? what kind
SM> of form elements etc... The problem im seeing with checkboxes are that they are discreet and dont group together, so i cant get all the data to go into one column in mysql. Hopefully i havent
SM> horribly confused the issue and some kind soul out there can tell me how to send this data across. As a double nice would you write it to pull the data back, convert 1, 3 to
SM> show abjuration, divination? Thanks for the help in advance.
I have never used enum type but I am sure it is not what you want as
it will only store one item from a predefined list not a list of
items. What you need to do is create an array of the selected items,
serialize() it to store in the database in a varchar or mediumtext if
it going to get big. Then when you read it back unserialize and loop
through all the options setting "checked" if it is in the array.
To keep the checkboxes grouped name them like this:
<input type="checkbox" name="school[1]">
<input type="checkbox" name="school[2]">
<input type="checkbox" name="school[3]">

That will show up as an array under $_POST['school']
so you can serialize it as is and store it.

if(isset($_POST['school'])) $school = serialize($_POST['school']);

Playback is simple too

$school = unserialize($row['school']);
for($i = 1;$i < 41;$i++){
echo '<input type="checkbox" name="school['.$i.']"';
if(isset($school[$i])) echo ' checked';
echo '>';

Un-checked boxes are not returned in the post and checked ones
return Yes I think.

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