I'm writing a survey app in PHP (4.2.2) that will allow people to view a set
of photos and then rate each photo from 1-5 using a little dropdown under
each photo. When they are done choosing their ratings, they click on SUBMIT
to register all their votes at once.

I thought the best way to record votes was to create a record for each
member and each photo they voted on in MySQL. So, for example, if someone
rates 9 photos, there will be 9 records created in the voting DB structured
something like this:

    item_id     // ID number of the photo being rated.
    member_id   // ID of the member making the vote.
    date        // Date vote made.
    rating      // 1-5

While this system offers a lot of flexibility in calculating votes, I'm
worried that the DB will become full fast with records because of the number
of records created for each member when they vote. If there are 10 photos
and 2,000 people rate those photos, that will create 20,000 new records in
the DB for that one poll alone.

So, I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions for better ways to store
votes like this without created so many DB records. I want to be able to
calculate total votes for each photo as well as prevent members that have
already voted from voting again.

Any suggestions would be appreciated!


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