Hi Shaun,

> How do you refresh a php page , from within your code.

<a href="<?=$PHP_SELF?>">click here to refresh</a> :-)

You can't directly refresh a page with PHP (you can use Javascript though,
or a meta refresh tag). 

> How do i test if a browser supports cookies or not?

You asked this a couple of days ago, so I'll copy and paste the answer:

> > how can i test if a browser supports cookies 
> Try and set one on page A, and then read it on page B. 
> If it's not there, the browser doesn't support cookies.

Shout if that's not clear. 

> When i post a form and i push back , there is an page has 
> expired message - why does it happen + what does it mean?

It happens because the page that you're going back to was the result of you
POSTing a form. The only way for your browser to get this page is to
resubmit all the POST data, and it won't do that unless you ask (by clicking

If you don't want this to happen, use GET instead of POST for your form.


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