it's possible that attribute that have to use during an add do not exist.

For example from core.schema a programmer can retrieve information of the 
attribute that must exist for a objectclass
and the attributes that can given for a class like person. As an example of 
an entry of the slapd core.schema have a look
at the next three lines:

------from SLAPD core.schema-------
objectclass ( NAME 'person' SUP top STRUCTURAL
        MUST ( sn $ cn )
        MAY ( userPassword $ telephoneNumber $ seeAlso $ description ) )

A programmer of SLAPD have to know all of the attributes and dependencies 
of the schema directory and in special cases a programmer
 can modify the schema to fit for special purpose. When using Netscape 
Directory Server slapd configuration is a little bit easier because
Netscape developed a good HTML based admin interface that allows to have a 
simple look at the object structure and to add, modify or delete 
everything in the LDAP schema.

Hope ist helps.

Best regards

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