Ühel ilusal päeval [27-10-2002 21:27] kirjutas Nick Eby:
> I'm running oracle 8.1.7 w/ php 4.2.  I use the oci8 functions to update
> clob columns, and maybe 1 out of every 15 or 20 times, updating a clob
> column causes the mysterious "ora-600, internal error code".  Anybody out
> there experienced this (and hopefully resolved it) who can shed some light?
> thanks

I'm afraid, the ora-600 errors mean "Call Oracle". You should examine
your Oracle server trace file and search the Oracle's Metalink support
page, perhaps an obvious solution can be found. The ora-600 internal
error is some kind of trap for errors, that shouldn't be occuring. This
error can have very different reasons from slightly bad things to very
disastrous anomalies. Call support.


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