> The following line sort of works:
> $retVal =
> preg_replace("/(.*){parent.(.*)}(.*)/e","'\\1'.\$this->parentNode-
> >getProper tyValue('\\2').'\\3'",$retVal);
> However, if there are more than one string to replace it only works
> on the last one.  So:
> caption = "the parent's coordinates are ({parent.left},
> {parent.top})" would only return something like:  "the parent's
> coordinates are ({parent.left}, 100)"

That is because the first (.*) skips the first parent.x pattern. It seems
the string is parsed backwards.
To avoid this problem, be more specific in your regexp. Don't use (.*), but
([^{]*) instead. The regexp which works in your example is the following:



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