> Hi there,
> Im looking for ANY help regarding his problem - I find this interesting to
> say the least.
> I recently switched to a new hosting company - they are running php 4.1.2 -
> register globals is ON.
> the sessions automatically expire without closing the window. if you load
> index.php and wait past 30 seconds - the session variables are empty -
> Sometimes - although not reliably - if you wait another 30 seconds - the
> variables are back? - this is very strange? - here are the files I have
> setup to illustrate this problem.
> Im using the default php-ini file  - so no weird session expires or garbage
> collections stuff.

Do you know if your hosting company has a multi-webserver setup?  If so,
do they have a shared /tmp directory (where PHP stores session
information), or is it unique to each server?  If your hosting company
has many different webservers, each reload might hit a different one,
and each may or may not have your session information in its /tmp

A solution is to write your own session handlers, using a database, the
shared portion of the filesystem, or some other method of preserving the

Otherwise, have you checked with your hosting company to see if this is
a common issue that their customers have?

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