Hi people:

Can anybody help me with this? :

I've got a query in a table:

$result = mysql_query("SELECT username, email FROM users");

which should bring about 300 lines (each for an user).

Now, I've created a funtion which controls how many fields (cols) may be
seen by user. Some like this:

function select_query ($fields, $table) {
$result = ("SELECT $fileds FROM $table");

Well, I hould like to control how many fields my query will use.

For example: if I call select_query('id,username,email', 'users');

I want to know that there was selected 3 cols. so I can later do some like

for ($j=0;$j<$number_of_selected_cols_minus_one;$j++) {

... and that's it. By the way!! Is this late statement correct?!?!

Thanks a lot to anyone that can help me, cheers,


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