Hi guys I'm having the following problem:

I have a mail() function that works by itself, coming from a html form, but when i 
tryied to put it inside a more complex script it doesn't work.

The script is at the end of the message and it is suposed to receive data from a html 
form and use it to insert data into a mySql database, wich it does without problems, 
and it is suposed to send an e-mail to certain email with the info that was received 
from the form. The data is inserted without problem into the MySql database, but the 
e-mail is not sent to the email informed in the mail() script.




include "db_dados.php";


$sql="INSERT INTO tb_tao(nome, prof, area, tel, email, celular, registro, status) 
VALUES ('$nome','$prof','$area','$tel','$email','$celular','$registro','$status')";



     $Destino = "[EMAIL PROTECTED]";
     $Remetente = "Formulário de Cadastro";
     $Assunto = "Profissional Adicionado";
     $Mensagem = "teste";

   <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="1; URL=cadastrando.htm">

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