In my never-ending battle against swearing on my site, I'm trying to use a regex that changes any word that ends with abc to xyz. I'm using:

$tofilter = "This is a string containing the word 123abc.";
$tofilter= eregi_replace("[^ ]abc","xyz",$tofilter);

But it returns "12xyz". It clearly picks up "3abc" before "123abc". I've also tried two regexes that check for it as a seperate word and at the begining of the string using

$tofilter = "This is a string containing the word 123abc.";
$tofilter= eregi_replace(" [^ ]abc","xyz",$tofilter);
$tofilter= eregi_replace("^[^ ]abc","xyz",$tofilter);

But that doesn't work at all. Any ideas on how to do this?

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