I disagree that serialize/unserialize is the way to go, unless you're
absolutely completely sure that there will only be a relatively small number
of things in the array.  As somebody mentioned briefly, the get request is
limited to a certain number of bytes, and the string representing your
serialized array could easily get too large to send on a get request.

imho the best option is to use the session, which somebody already mentioned
but didn't really elaborate...
$_SESSION['my_array'] = $my_array;

and on next_page (or any other page), you'd just use $_SESSION['my_array']
where you need.  Another option would be to send the request as a post, and
serialize the array into a hidden variable in your form; that way you won't
have to worry (as much) about size constraints.  (a post request is also
limited in size, but it's so large that you probably would never approach
the limit.)


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