On 29 Oct 2002 at 9:41, Mukta Telang wrote:

> I have written followong code in hello.html:


> <?php
> printf("<BR>hello %s!",$textbox);
> ?>

> This script works fine with php in redhat 7.2 system 
> but does not work in solaris 7 !
> I have done the php installation...

> What are the chances that the problem is with the php-installation? ( I
> had to copy code from apache2filter directory of pre 4.3 version of php
> to remove errors during make )
> I tried using echo($_GET['$textbox']) instead of printf statement in
> hello.php.. 

I tried to snip the above to keep only the necessary.

I think you might try using some existing scripts that you know work 
and then understand why they work. Keep the orginals, make some changes 
and if something breaks you have the original and you can probably see 
what you did to break it. This is what I usually do with a new language 
and only later, sometimes, do I begin to understand the why. I'm 
learning assembly now and the author tells me I cannot do this with 
assembly :), I'll see.

Couple of things:

Perhaps it's a case of globals being off so $textbox doesn't (thank 
goodness) spring into existence.

See the php site:


A VERY helpful site.

Check your php.ini file. Run phpinfo() in a script and you'll see the 
location of your ini file and whether globals are turned on or off.

You Use POST in the form but then use $_GET, that should seem odd to 
you. You also use $_GET['$textbox'] when it should have used 
$_POST['textbox'], I think, I never use this method, check the php.net 
site, you can download the documentation..

I personally have a simple function where I put all my user input an 
array and it matters not whether post or get is used.

Here is another example of your hello.html and hello.php. I also 
highly, highly recommend you look at using Smarty as a templating 
system. As far as PHP uses OO I suggest you use it (I personally find 
OO type apps much easier to debug than stream of consciousness types, 
even my own);

hell.html (I apologize for not improving the html)
<B>enter your name:</B>

$input =& ProcessFormData($GLOBALS);
function &ProcessFormData(&$GLOBAL_INPUT) {
    $FormVariables = array();
    $input = $GLOBAL_INPUT['HTTP_GET_VARS'] ? 
    foreach($input as $Key=>$Value) {
    if(is_array($Value)) {
        foreach($Value as $SubKey=>$SubValue) {
            $FormVariables[$Key][$SubKey] = $SubValue;
    }else {
        $FormVariables[$Key] = $Value;
    } # End of foreach
    return $FormVariables;

} # End ProcessFormData


<HEAD><title>Hello <? echo $input['textbox']; ?></title></HEAD>
printf("<BR>hello %s!",$textbox);
print "<pre>";
print "</pre>";


Of course I'd put the ProcessFormData in some included file, not in a 
php file as such. 


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