Does it have direct access to this filesystem?
Or maybe FTP access? I've seen a lot of talk about automatic FTP transfers on the list, maybe you can filter the topics and grab something from there?

Just a few cents to throw in :)

Greg Macek wrote:

This topic may have been covered before, but I couldn't find any info on

We have a Cobalt RaQ4 that serves up all our intranet sites, a couple of
which will have forms for uploading files that are related to records
stored in a DB. I'm not planning on storing the files in the DB, don't
worry. :) However, the files themselves will not be stored on the RaQ,
but a different file server on the network which has substantial space
for files.

What is the best way to go about this? Have the file uploaded to a temp.
location on the RaQ and FTP it to its final destination? Or is there a
way to automatically redirect the file? I've considered NFS for this,
but I'm unsure if the RaQ has tools for mounting NFS shares.
Ideas/comments welcome. Thanks.

- Greg

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