Univates, October, 22, 2002

I've just published the version 3 of Agata Report

::: Agata Report is a Report Generator writen in PHP-GTK using Pear:DB.
::: further information at the end of message.

    * Currently, Agata has support to English, Portuguese, Italian, French, German and 
    * Agata connects to PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle, SyBase, MsSql, FrontBase, Informix 
and InterBase. But Agata was enough tested only with PostgreSQL, Informix, MsSql, 
InterBase, MySQL and DB2;

These new features have been developed since version 3 beta 001.

- theme support (skins) of gtk.themes.org;
- DBF import into SQL DataBase;
- Project manager;
- User's manual in english and portuguese;
- New SQL Statements;
- Prepared for DB2;
- Easy installation for Windows;

A new version 4.0 has been prepared with a lot of visual changes.


       Agata Report is a Report Generator, written in PHP-GTK. Allows you to edit and 
get SQL results from several Databases as Text or PostScript Files.

      It connects to database, lists its tables, fields and allows linking among 
tables, make constraints, orders, to apply functions and make queries. It generates 
results to PostScript or Text file.

      Agata Report has some usefull tools:

    * Agata EIS is a graph generator tool. Allows user to define a couple of SQL 
instructions to get information from DataBase. These informations (numeric columns) 
will be drawed as lines, column or pizza graph. User can also export the data as CSV 
format, in order to use them in some spread sheet like gnumeric or kspread.
    * Merge tool allows you to write any document (f.i. letter) and insert any 
variable from a SQL query into it. You may define SubQueries within the document, too. 
There are several symbols, lines and fonts you can use. Merge tool generates a 
PostScript file;
    * Label tool is a (mini Merge Tool) that is usefull to generate address labels. 
You can define any format of label, inserting the fields wherever you like. The labels 
will be generated in a 2 columns A4 paper (PostScript File);
* Dia tool is a Diagram generator tool. Through this option you can generate a Diagram 
(DIA Format) with all the tables you are working on. Dia tool doesn't establish the 
lines among the tables in the Diagram yet.

Pablo Dall'Oglio
Univates IT team.
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