> Could someone please fix the function pages on http://www.php.net, so
> that when people submit code all nice and formatted, it retains that
> formatting in the contributed notes section? There are some really
> intricate examples, and it just makes it that much easier to read. Not
> to mention, the left aligned code detracts from the professional look of
> an otherwise excellent resource/site.
> I should think this fix is as simple as using <PRE> </PRE> tags (rather
> than, or in addition to the <code> tags you have now).

Nope. <code> is used to let the text wrap and do not make horizontal
scrollbars appear. I have added a conversion of "  " to "&nbsp; " now,
so it will show up "in the correct form" in a few minutes.

> While you're at it, please expand the <textarea> on this page:
> http://www.php.net/manual/add-note.php
> To facilitate someone entering in their code without being squished into
> these itty bitty 40 column by 6 row spot.

Well, the manual notes system is not intended to be a code archive. Many
notes include code which may have been much smaller. Anyway, I have
extended the size of the textarea.


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