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> No, array_keys does not do what I want, in order to user 
> array_keys, it
> assumes I know the value of the key, but I don't,

Er -- no.  Go read its definition again -- you *may* pass it a value for which you 
want the corresponding keys, but by omitting the value argument you may also ask for 
*all* of the keys of your array.

>  I want to 
> get the value of
> the key but all I know is the index.

First of all, I presume this means that, for example, if $index==4, you want to know 
what the key of the 4th array element is?

In that case, the following, whilst not ideal, may be your best solution:

   $keys = array_keys($array);
   $required_key = $keys[$index];



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