PHP 4.2.2
Register Globals Off
Using only $_SESSION
No session_register() calls at all

Interestingly enough, doing session_unregister('variablename') *in*
*addition* does work (although I am sure it shouldn't)
session_write_close() does not help

Any suggestions?

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> Sent: 30 October 2002 14:32
> I am having problems unsetting Session Variables - where I know it 
> should work.
> I have a form. It contains both links with GET variables, and also a 
> POST form. They all go to the same next page.
> Page 2 simply clears all session variables, and then sets them based 
> upon the contents of the GET or POST array. It then calls page 3 which

> displays information based on the SESSION variable contents.
> My problem is that a session variable does not seem to unset. I am
> using:
> unset ($_SESSION['variablename']);
> But this does not seem to destroy the session variable. (it is still 
> available later in other scripts)
> What can I do?

PHP version?  register_globals on or off?  Using only $_SESSION, or are
there any session_register() calls?

All of these can affect what you have to do to destroy session values,

Have you tried doing session_unregister('variablename') *in* *addition*?

Does session_write_close() help?



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