here is my code :

// for each file to upload :....
echo "$hotelNr[$j] et $j";
while($hotelNr[$j] != "")
        //display the caracteristics of each file to download
        <table border="1">
        <tr><td><?php printf("<b>Name</b> :</td><td>
        <tr><td><?printf("<b>Temporary Name :</b></td>  <td>%s",
        <tr><td><?printf("<b>Size :</b></td><td>%s",
        <tr><td><?printf("<b>Type :</b></td><td>%s",

        //copy the file on the server
        echo "temp/$userfile_name[$i-1]";
        if (copy
                printf("<h4>File successfully copied !</h4>");
                printf("<h4>Error: failed to copy file !</h4>");        
        echo "</td></tr>

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On Wednesday, Oct 30, 2002, at 19:21 Europe/London, Andres, Cyrille 
> thx, but I still have the same error
> I think I have a poltergheist in my computer !!!

Show us a couple of lines before this.


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