On Thursday 31 October 2002 05:02, Peter Gordon wrote:
> Hi 1LT John W. Holmes, on the subject of Re: [PHP] Re: Strange intermittant
> errors, you said:
> > Is it alway the same error? Is it always a problem related to MySQL? If
> > it's intermittent like this and on simple queries, I'd say you have a
> > problem with MySQL, or the tranfer of data between MySQL and PHP. Are you
> > checking for a mysql_error() in these queries?
> Well, I've just chucked a load of debug in the page where it cropped up,
> printing out mysql error at every mysql call... but in accordance with sods
> law its just not happening again :) I'll keep trying...

Use error_log() to log any useful debugging info into a file. Then, if and 
when the error occurs all the pertinent info is ready and waiting for you in 
a file.

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