Here is a fudge that uses Javascript to convert the + into {PLUS} then PHP converts it back again. The only problem is Javascript is only converting the first +, so a+b+c becomes a+b c.

echo $testVal;
function SaveHiddenChars() {
<form name="form1" actiom='test.php' method=POST onSubmit="SaveHiddenChars();">
<input type=text value='' name=test>
<input type=submit value='submit'>

Stan wrote:
When i post a string containing plus sign with htmp form to a php scritp,
the '+' is changed to space.
e.g: i enter 'as+df' to a text input but $_POST[] returns 'as df' instead.
It must be in php or apache configuration bcause i have this problem only on
sytem with FreeBSD. On windows it works as expected.

Know someone how could i make the '+' left intact? Please help.

echo $_POST['test'];
<form actiom='test.php' method=POST>
<input type=text value='' name=test>
<input type=submit value='submit'>

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