Theoriquement it is not possible, because you cannot use any variable since
you don't know its name-

But you can cope something with get_defined_vars() in which you set every
variable without distinction into an array- and after you select the
variable you need using some criterias.

like this
$array = get_defined_vars() ;
foreach ($array as $key=>$value)
if (ereg("EREG_CRITERIA",$key))  echo "La variable $KEY est egale a $value"

Elsewhere if you know the name of the variable you would like to use
do simply like this:

$tigidizougou = 12;
echo "THE VARIABLE tigidizougou EQUALS ".$tigidizougou;

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I'd like to print the name of a variable, in order to get something like
this  :

THE VARIABLE tigidizougou EQUALS 12 !

from the original code below :

$tigidizougou = 12;
echo "THE VARIABLE ".(please help me right here)." EQUALS ".$tigidizougou;

Any idea ? Thanks you.


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