To all crazy users of PHP-GTK,

Version 0.5.2 has been released (after a half a year hiatus). This
release has some bug fixes and also some minor feature enhancements,
mostly in the graphics area.

Download the releaes from;

Version 0.5.2 "Bass does a body good" 01-Nov-2002
    - simplified GdkPixbuf constructor parameters. (Andrei)
    - fixed setting of tile/stipple/clip_mask/bg_pixmap properties of
      GdkGC. (Andrei)
    - implemented GdkPixbuf::fill(). (Andrei)
    - changed failure to allocate color to output only a notice instead
      of a warning. (Andrei)
    - made depth parameter of GdkPixmap constructor optional. (Andrei)
    - added copy_area() method for drawables. (Andrei)
    - added group() and set_group() methods for
      GtkRadioButton/GtkRadioMenuItem. (Andrei)
    - added GDK functions pointer_grab(), pointer_ungrab(),
      keyboard_grab(), keyboard_ungrab(). (Andrei)
    - added utf8 support to GtkRadioButton, GtkToggleButton,
      GtkCheckMenuItem, and GtkCheckButton. (Frank)
    - fixed a crash bug when using non-string variables to access
      overloaded object's properties. (Andrei)
    - fixed a crash bug in GtkCheckButton constructor. (Andrei)


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