Whats the difference between require_once and include_once?

I been running into a problem, perhaps someone can help.

I require_once in a Pear database extension. Inside that pear database
is a require_once("pear.php") and a require_once("db.php")

This file, Thomas Voxs' DbPage.php file, gets require_once inside yet
file (my file).

The problem is, my file brings in many require_once file's, some of which
require_once(db.php) inside of it. All I get redefinition problems all over
the place.

It appears to me that require_once doesn't work as advertised? For if it
there should never be redefinition problems.

Why didn't all PHP code do like we do in C/C++ with
#define BLAH
if !defined(BLAH)
   your code here.

I realize the #define trick works as I used it in my own PHP code... but
the basic PHP core files don't have this in them, it sort of  makes
and include_once hacks! (that don't work)

Any ideas suggestions?

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