Production Server -> Apache 1.3.x

Apache2 is not even to be considered.

Apache2 and PHP are not "bedfellows" yet.

David Russell wrote:
Hi all,

I am setting up a new production server. Assuming that I do not need
register globals, what does everyone suggest for setting it up:

Linux machine
Apache PHP 4.2.3

My real question is whether I should install with Apache 1.3.27 or
Apache 2.0.43 This implies 3 questions:
1. Does PHP 4.2.3 work properly with Apache 2.0.43? In a production
2. Are there features in Apache 2.0 that would be beneficial?
3. What is the learning curve line from moving to installing,
configuring and running Apache 1.3 to 2.0?


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