On Friday 01 November 2002 19:11, Ramesh Pillai wrote:
> Hai!
> I had downloaded Apache2.0.43 from apache site and
> installed on my linux7.1 box, the configure/make .make
> install went smooth, after that I started Apache
> server.
> Now my problem is when I tried to access localhost
> through any browser(ie http://localhost) its saying
> host not found(or unknownhost), Why is it so?
> and when try to restart Apache it shrows follwing
> error
> [ address already in use make_sock:coudnt bind to
> address no listening sockets available,
> shutting down, Unable to open logs]

Probably something is already using 
As root, run 'netstat -lp' to find out what process it is.

> Any one please help me out. Since I  didnt find any
> general mailing list for Apache installation I am
> asking in this mailing Please excuse me.

How hard did you look? Going to www.apache.org or httpd.apache.org will 
display a link to "mailing lists".

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