<<I for one think that poster didn't enough grief.  I mean, you go on and 
on about making a 'mistake', but it's not like his mistake was to ask a 
JavaScript or MySQL question in a php mailing list.  He asked for an 
illegal version of software from those who make / contribute to the 
software.  That's not a mistake, that's disrespect.  Regardless, I 
didn't post anything to him, nor will I say anything else about it.>>

Disrespect or not, anyone ever copy a game? Or a CD or tape? Or a movie?
Anyone ever download anything off the Internet? It's all the same, and I
doubt any of the people on the list showing the same disrespect this person
may have showed have never done that. Again, cut this poster some slack and
let him or her move on. Maybe if the poster is still on the list, that same
person can save someone a lot of headache with the solution to a coding

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