On Friday 01 November 2002 18:57, N.Paramaguru wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm currently developing clubs and groups...the individual group pages are
> displayed based on the group id like login.php?id=1...etc,during Creation
> of the group the user is allowed to enter their subdomain and to select a
> domain from the available list and all this details are stored in mysql
> database. The main requirement is that whenever the user types
> domain.subdomain.com they must be able to go to the home page of the group

It is not possible to have something like domain.subdomain.com, but you can 
have subdomain.domain.com. 

There are two things you need:

1) Setup your DNS records properly
2) If you're using Apache, read up on the Rewrite features.

Both are OT and beyond the scope of this list.

> which will be in a separate server...i.e it must be able to map it to the
> page login.php?id="required Id" for the particular group...
> How can this be done....is there any way to do this in PHP...

Nothing to do with PHP.

> I still have a doubt whether its related to PHP :-)

Try the apache mailing list.

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