I just started a service on my website, for free TopSite Hosting. It's had 
great exposure from Hotscripts.com, in fact, my "Remote-Hosted Search 
EWngine" service has taken off quite well. The only problem here is that 
people just don't seem to take to it too well. I haven't had one person 
sign up, and I don't know why! Not many people contact a website with bug 
issues, and I think that's what I need here! Anyways, the favor I'm 
asking, if you're even slightly interested in this idea, to create your 
own TopSite, set it up on your site, and email me with any bugs, comments 
and suggestions.

If running your own TopSite isn't your cup o' tea, then you can join the 
TopSite I've already created, for PHP sites (the URLs for all of these are 
below). I could also use the help so I can create an administration panel 
for TopSite owners, to edit/remove TopSites, and check if their code is on 
their page. I haven't been able to create this feature since no one's 
signed up yet ;) Also email me with bugs/comments/suggestions if you help 
me this way too! I'll greatly appreciate all of it. :)

Create a TopSite: http://www.nukedweb.com/topsites/
Top 10 PHP Sites: http://www.nukedweb.com/topsites/topsites.php?ts=php

Please don't reply to this email! I'll never be able to find it ;) Use the 
Contact link on the menu on the website. :)

Also, if you're interested (here comes the shameless plug), if you'd be 
interested in selling my PHP scripts on your website and making a little 
extra money, check out: http://www.nukedweb.com/phpscripts/affiliates.php

Many thanks in advance!

 ~ Tim

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