> > I can't actually find out where the libphp4.so has been placed.
> Assuming you have done 'make', 'make install', use 'find / -name
> to find where it is.
> Or just do 'make install' again and watch carefully to see where
libphp4.so is
> copied to.

The 'find / -name libphp4.so' didn't return me any directory where the file
is placed.

The make install returned me this at the end:
/usr/home/rockit/usr/local/lib/php/php-4.2.3/build/shtool install -c -m 0755
installing shared modules into

So, it should mean that the libphp4.so is placed in this last directory "no-

But this directory is empty.

Does anyone have any other hint in order to find out the installed module?


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