Not using trans_sid, but it is set for this example and it doesn't matter either way, intentionally putting the SID on the link myself, this is the way the vendor software is set up. So, I want someone to run this example, and see if it works for them, and if it does, what might be the reason it does not work for me?


Chris Shiflett wrote:


Check your php.ini file. PHP uses cookies for maintaining your Web client's unique ID, and unless you have use_trans_sid set, it will not attempt to pass the unique ID on the URL for those who have cookies disabled.


Steve Fatula wrote:

When you click on the link in the code, it gives you a session ID. Then, when you click again, it goes away. The SID appears to be blank every other time.

Why would that be? I am using PHP 4.2.0 and 4.2.2, BSD and Linux, and Apache 1.3.20 something. Two different hosts. Same result. Client is IE5.5 with cookies disabled, running on NT.

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