I already know how best to go about this.  I've been up too long to
explain this now.  But since eNetwizard Content Management Server is an
open source project, you'll be able to make use of its code if you so
choose, just wait till I release the next version.  ;-)

Session Management for eNetwizard is handled by the $State class, so it
shouldn't be too hard for others to make use of it independently for
their own projects.

-Samuel | http://enetwizard.net

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> These were all the same assumptions I made, thanks.  I knew that it
> more of an "HTTP" thing than a "PHP" thing when it came to the "blind
> faith" thing...  I was just hoping that was something "better out
> there."  I'm not willing to use session management as blindly as it is
> currently implemented.  I will find my own solution.

If you find a better method, please let everyone know. But I think this
is about the best you can do over HTTP. 

---John Holmes...

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