There is no reason to put brackets behind the name of the radio element.  The brackets are neccessary for multi-select elements like checkboxes, but radio buttone are a single select element.

Your if statement should be a while loop.

I'm sure you don't want to set this ( value=acct[] ) as the value for each radio button.  Do it that way, and no matter which one is picked, it will be the same value.

rija wrote:
I don't think so,
Put the bracket with your radio's name not with your the value///

For example :
print "<td width=2><input type=radio name=gl_acct[]
value=$row['acct']>{$row['acct']}</td>" ...
and so one/

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Subject: [PHP] radio buttons from MySQL query?

How do I go about building radio buttons using the results of a MySQL
query. The record layout looks like this:


I want to use acct as the value="acct" in the input statement for the
radio box. The code below almost works?


$header = mysql_query ("SELECT * FROM chart
           ORDER BY acct ");

if ($row = mysql_fetch_array($header)) {
        do {
        print("<tr  bgcolor=\"white\" >");
   print '<td width="5"><input type="radio" name="gl_acct"
   print("<td width=\"12\">");
   print $row["acct"];
        print "</td><td width=\"12\">";
   print $row["cat"];
        print "</td><td >";
   print $row["descript"];
               } while($row = mysql_fetch_array($header));

            } else {print "Sorry, no records were found!";}


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