Hello Martin,

Monday, November 04, 2002, 2:53:48 PM, you wrote:

MT> Hello!

MT> Is there a way to run a php-script on a pc/windows-computer which hasn't
MT> php-installed? I thought of somekind of compiler which creates an .exe,
MT> which embeds the script and the php-environment.

MT> Martin

On win32 I use PHP-GTK and I've solved this problem:

php-gtk need php executable and some dlls
all what I've done - I've created with Install Shield an
instalation package which contains php executable and its own dlls
and php-gtk files

InstallShield during install my package copy some dlls and php.ini
into %windir% and creates shortcut to my main programm file:
"php_gtk main.php"

if you don't need gtk - I think you should dig around a shortcut some
like this "php.exe your_script.php"

Best regards,
Alexander Kuznetsov

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