Hi there,

I recently upgraded from PHP version 4.0-ish to 4.2.3 on my Linux/Apache
machine. AFAIK, Apache is setup correctly (it serves HTML) and PHP
works, but only from the command line. If I type "php -q php.php >
test.html" the output of phpinfo() is stored in test.html. When I try
and look at test.html running on localhost it display sfine, but when I
try and view php.php, as "save as" window pops up. I am not too familar
with Linux. If it was a Windows installation then I would make sure the
Action application (path to php.exe) line was correct, but I can't find
this in the Linux httpd.conf. Does this issue sound familar to anyone.
Could anyone point me in the right direction?

Thanks very much.

- Best regards,
Lee Reilly

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