It depends on where the textfile are going to be store
If you store them into unauthorized directory that php does not have the
right (or permission) to write in, I think it cannot be done, but if you put
down the file into allowed directory, why not?

to make column into your text file I think \t is good-

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Subject: [PHP] Does anyone know if this is possible?

> Hi!
> I have made a website with a webshop and the orders are written down in
> txtfiles and a faxserver is scanning a directory for txtfiles and sends
> as faxes.
> So I am trying to write the txtfile like I should have written the order
> a table. Or you can say I am trying to make some columns in the txtfile.
> Something like this:
> 1    pizza        cheese, beef, tomato,        5,-
>                       ham, bacon etc........
> 2    burgers    cheese, bacon                    2,-
> Best regards Raymond
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