> To those of you that helped me with this problem I have spent time
 > eliminating lines of code.. the problem was in the following line:
 > if ($_SESSION["first_name"])
 > the line should be like this
 > if (ISSET($_SESSION["first_name"]))

The change that would induce this error is likely to be related to error
reporting.  What you'll probably find if you delve into it is that in
the first case above, if the var wasn't set there was an error notifying
you of that.  In the second case above, using isset() would avoid that
error message being displayed.

The error you were having was because your code was displaying an error
message to the browser which would automatically mean that something had
been sent to the browser and it would no longer be possible to add
header information.

If you couldn't see the error relating to checking the var it's likely
something to do with display settings for your html - eg. displaying
white text on a white background.

CYA, Dave

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