hi - I'm not quite sure if this will help you, but lets give it a try:

you could use this URL syntax:
 http://user:password@;www.site.com to automatically log your user in to the
htaccess protected area. the bad thing about it is that user / password show
up in the URL, but you could hide this information with using frames...
are PHP/MySQL usernames + passwords the same like in Apache/HTTP?


"Phillip Erskine" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
> I have a site that uses PHP/MySQL authentication for one section and
> Apache/HTTP authentication for another.  Eventually I would like to use
> PHP and MySQL for authenticating users, but in the meantime, I have to use
> both.
> First, users will log in to the main section of the site and I will use
> session variables to maintain state for that section.  What I would like
> be able to do is allow users to click a link that would redirect them to
> other section of the site and automatically log them in.
> The section of the site that users will be redirected to uses .htaccess
> .htpassword files to enforce HTTP authentication.
> Is this possible?  If so, how?
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