For something like this, instead of doing all the HTML, I would set up and array, and then loop through the array to output the HTML...

<SELECT CLASS="select" NAME="qual">

for ( $i = 0; $qual_array[$i]; $i++ ) {
if ( $_POST['qual'] == $qual_array[$i] ) {
echo ( "<OPTION VALUE=\"" . $qual_array[$i] . "\" SELECTED>" . $qual_array[$i] . "</OPTION>\n" );
} else {
echo ( "<OPTION VALUE=\"" . $qual_array[$i] . "\">" . $qual_array[$i] . "</OPTION>\n" );


Hi, as a beginner I find the way you declare variables through HTML-forms quite straightforward. But the reverse, to put the same variables back into a form field is not so obvious for selection lists and checkboxes. Would for instance this be the best way:

	<SELECT CLASS="select" NAME="qual">
		<OPTION VALUE="A" <?=if($qual=='A'){return 'SELECTED'}?>>A</OPTION>
		<OPTION VALUE="B" <?=if($qual=='B'){return 'SELECTED'}?>>B</OPTION>
		<OPTION VALUE="C" <?=if($qual=='C'){return 'SELECTED'}?>>C</OPTION>

or would there be something more elegant?

Thanks, Marco

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