> I am pretty up to standard with getting stuff into and out of mysql,
> so I am basically just in need of pointers with generating the text
> file and ftp'ing automatically.
> It would be an even greater plus if it wasn't actually necessary to
> create a physical text file on the hard drive, but to simply ftp the
> "memory" file via the ftp functions, but I don't think that is
> possible?

In fact, it is...just open the file on the ftp directly

$fp = fopen( 'ftp://ftp.domain.com/file.txt', 'w' );

You can then write directly to that filepointer:

fwrite( $fp, 'some text' );

Don't forget to close the file (I think PHP does that anyway, but it's nicer
if you do that)

fclose( $fp );

> My routine will already have connections to the db, and the query will
> have already been run
> (something like select number from table where group=1)
> and I would then have a while to step through the result set.
> This is where I need help, how to "create" the file and add the
> numbers and "static" text to the file, and once completed with the
> loop, to ftp to a server with username and password.

You'll have to loop trough the resultset

$query = 'select number from table where group=1';
$result = mysql_query( $query );

$content = '';
while ( $res = mysql_fetch_array( $result ) )   // This piece of code will
add all the Cellphone-numbers to the $content variable
    $content .= 'Cellphone: ' . $res['number'] . "\n";
$content .= 'Reference: ' . $reference . "\n";
$content .= 'Notify: ' . $notify . "\n";

// And add everything else to the $content variable which needs to be

$fp = fopen('ftp://ftp.domain.com', 'w' );
fwrite( $fp, $content );
fclose( $fp );


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