$f = fopen("$url_with_button","r");
$data = fread($f,1000000);

if(substr_count($data,"$your_homepage_link") == 0)
        mysql_query("DELETE FROM users WHERE thereurl = '$url_with_button';");

or something like that.

On Tue, 2002-11-05 at 12:20, Stephen wrote:
> I'm about to undergo a creation of a Link Exchange script for my site. One of the 
>requirements is to have them have my button on their site in return for a button on 
>mine. This is required and I don't want cheating. The only way I can think of doing 
>this is checking their source code and making sure the code is still intact on their 
>website about once a month. If not, then their button is removed from my site. 
>Instead of doing this manually, I want to do it in PHP.
> This brings me to my question. How can I, without using FTP since I don't collect 
>usernames or passwords, check their source code for my block of code? Then if it's 
>not there, delete their entry from a table in MySQL? Any help would be great.
> Thanks,
> Stephen Craton
> http://www.melchior.us
> "Life is a gift from God. Wasting it is like destroying your favorite item you 
>received from the person you love most." -- www.melchior.us

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