It's really not that hard....

Returning values from functions....

Variable scope....

It's not on the main page, you actually have to "look" beyond there.

Francisco Vaucher wrote:
Yeah, whatever,

I looked o_O in the manual and i didn't find the answer. I wrote here and
also didn't find the answer...

Sorry if we aren't all perfect, and dedicated as you are...

Have a 'crappy day'

Francisco M. Vaucher
Departamento IT
Tyco / ADT Security Services
Buenos Aires - Argentina

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Part of the "ugh thing" is because I'm having a crappy day. However, the main part of the "ugh thing" is because of people not doing any research before posting a question here. It has nothing to do with my wanting to answer the question or not, I enjoy helping out here, and I have gotten answers to many of my questions, but the people on this list don't come here to hold your hand. The answer to your question is WELL documented in the manual.

Francisco Vaucher wrote:

hey, don't answer if you don't want to...

leave the 'ugh' thing...

 >John Nichel wrote:
 > Ugh.  Read the in the manual about variable scope, and how to call a
 > function.  It's all there.  To get you started...
 > print_r ( test_func() );
 > Francisco Vaucher wrote:
 >> Hi people,
 >> is there a way to retrieve an array from a function ?
 >> like:
 >> <?php
 >> test_func($param1, $param2) {
 >> //code
 >> $test = array ("ASD" => "Test1", "ASDF" => "Test2");
 >> return $test;
 >> }
 >> //outiside de function
 >> echo $test; //  <----- the array
 >> ?>
 >> This doesn't work. So, any clue ?
 >> Regards and tks in advance!
 >> f.

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