Did you try it? Did it work?

How about

$_SESSION['item']['price'] = $item['price'];
$_SESSION['item']['name'] = $item['name'];

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> Hello,
> In an attempt to override the political anger in this mailing list I will
> tell you that I have already searched through documentations on how to
> the problem I'm having, to the extent of my skills in searching.
> Ok, now to the problem. I have an array submitted by a form, such as
> $item['name'], $item['desc'], $item['price'], etc, and I want to register
> only individual items of the array in a session, while still preserving
> array structure -- i.e. while not breaking the array into separate
> variables.
> It says nothing in the docs, and I am not in front of a box running PHP at
> this particular time to test it, but would it make sense to do something
> like:
> session_register("item['name']", "item['price']");
> and not have to include the $item['desc'] in the sessions? Sometimes, in
> application, I do not want to include the $item['desc']. I want to keep
> session alive throughout the script and add more individual array items to
> it as well, such as say $item['height'], $item['width'], etc, while still
> having the choice to exclude some of the array items from being registered
> in the $item session.
> I'm not sure if I made any sense here, but if someone can attempt to
> this, I would appreciate it greatly. Thanks in advance.
> --
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