Well, if both tables are in the same database:

select * from books inner join publishers on books.publisherid = 

this assumes that the key for the publisher is publisherid and that 
publisherid also appears in the book table.

This gives you a result set that contains the appropriate information from 
both tables merged.


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On Wed, 6 Nov 2002, Edgard 
Berendsen wrote:

> I know this can be a little out of topic but:
> I have a books database and each book belongs to a publisher.
> There is also a publisher database with information like (name,
> location, etc). In the books database there is a key to identify the
> publisher.
> I need a mySQL query for showing each book with each publisher
> name and location.
> I don't want to do it using nested loops in .php because I think that
> using a "master" SQL query that can access both tables (all inside mySQL)
> and their relations can be much faster.
> Thanks

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