If I understand you, you need to have a basic class with the
one function and subclass it. Then you can reference the array
as $this->$passed_in_array_name

John Kenyon wrote:

I'm trying to write a function I can plop in a bunch of different
classes without having to modify it.

Basically I have classes like:

class Example
var $array1;
var $array2;
var $array3;



and I want to have a function in that class that looks something like

function do_something_to_array($passed_in_array_name)
//this is what I've done so far, but which isn't working
$arr = '$this->' . $passed_in_array_name;

// now I want $passed_in_array_name to be evaluated as an array

eval ("\$arr = \"$arr\";");

// however even if 'array1' is the passed in value $arr is not the
// same as $this->array1

As a side note there is another aspect of this that confuses me -- if
I do a print_r($arr) before the eval it returns the string
'$this->array1', if I do it after it returns Array (which is what it
seems it should do. However, if I then pass $arr to a function that
requires an array as an argument, like array_push, for example, I get
an error that says that function takes an array. Can anyone explain
this to me? The only guess I have is that my eval function is turning it
into a string which reads as Array instead of either a String object or the
value of the string.

More important though is the first problem of generically
accesing a member variable based on the passed in name of the
variable. In other words I want to be able to choose which array I
operate on by passing in the name of that array.

Any help on this problem is appreciated. I know there must be a way to
do this. Please let me know if I haven't formulated the problem
clearly enough.


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