thanks guys, got it working now.  Removed Addslashes and it works fine.

1lt John W. Holmes wrote:

>> I am trying to develop a search for my database.
>> I used addslashes when entering the data, and then use addslashes with
>> the search but nothing comes up:
>> Select * from tblContacts, tblCountries WHERE
>> (tblContacts.CountryCode=tblCountries.CountryID) AND (Organization LIKE
>> '%o\'mallies%' )
>> I check in the database and o'mallies is indeed there as o\'mallies.  And
> a
>> search for just mallies works fine.
> If you see it in the database as o\'mallies, then you are running
> addslashes() twice on the data you are inserting. If you insert o\'mallies
> into the database, the \ is only there to tell the database that the
> following character is escaped. In this case, the ' is not the end of the
> string, but something that should be included in the data that's put into
> the database. The actual \ isn't put in the database.
> So, with that said, you can fix your code and find out where you are
> addslashes() twice. You can run some queries to replace \' in your
> database with ', too.
> Or you can just search for o\\\'mallies in your database, which will
> search for a literal \ and a literal ' in the data.
> ---John Holmes...

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