I think I have to re-explain the problem completely. I want to use this script in a 
login form. Once, someone is authenticated, then I register variables for indentifying 
him/her through session. After I register those variables I want to redirect him/her 
to a page, which required authenticated users (and it's done by registering variables 
through session). Due to this, I decide to use header: location. Futhermore, I use IE 
5.5, Apache 1.3.26, PHP 4.2.1 [, MySQL 3.23.51] which running on Windows ME. Here is 
the script (register globals is off, due to security and default setting in php.ini).

$user = $_POST['user'];
$user = $_POST['password'];
if (authenticate($user))
  $_SESSION['user'] = $user;
  $_SESSION['password'] = $password;
  header('Location: http://www.mysite.com/member.php');
  header('Location: http://www.mysite.com/login.php');

When I try this code with an authenticated user, it seemed browser don't redirect to 
the page I specify above. The progress bar looked like searching something then it led 
to an error. I don't know why this could happen.

Am I missing something?

Thank you.

 huge junk mail <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:Can someone tell me why I can't have

$_SESSION['foo'] = 'content of foo';

following by

header('Location: http://www.mysite.com');

Someone from www.php.net told me that it can confuse
browser (http://bugs.php.net/19991). But, still I
can't the idea why it can happen. Does register
session means sending a 'header: location' too?




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