Well, I'm able to make an empty file with

    fopen("ftp://username:password@;domain.com/folder/file.prefs", "w")

However, I'm still nowhere because this file belongs to the user and her
group, not to Apache, so I still can't write to it.

Here's what I have to work with:

    -- I have the user's FTP username and password, which is necessary to
       install the software.

    -- The provider does not allow the backticks (``) operator, system(),
       exec(), passthru() or dl() for security reasons, and I assume this
       is the case with most people's service providers.

I'm starting to think that PHP, although a great choice for anything but
in-house software, may not be the right choice for a product aimed at non-
technical people.  Is there a PHPriest in the house?

-- Charles Wiltgen

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